Iron Mind Hip Belt

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This belt was designed to allow you to squat without putting any pressure on your lower back.  The belt takes the weight via straps that connect either or a barbell or a loading pin.  You can also feed the straps through the eye of weight plates or attach it to a low cable.  The result is the ability to do squats without any load on your back. 

Don't be alarmed that you can't use as much weight as your normal loads for regular squats.  This style of squatting allows you to squat with a more upright posture than barbell back or front squatting and as a result tends to put more emphasis on the quadriceps than the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. 

The hipbelt is available in small, medium and large sizes and each belt is adjustable in that it can be tighened or loosened to accomodate various waist sizes with the S, M or L ranges.

The hipbelt was designed for squatting but can also be used to add resistance to pull ups, dips and calf raises.

The hipbelt is very well made and is extremely unlikely to break.  I believe it was tested on loads exceeding 1000lbs.

Hipbelt squatting takes some getting used to at first in terms of balancing the weight between your legs.  It feels awkward at first.  However the learning curve is not long.  Furthermore, some people lightly hold on to the pillars of a power rack to help keep their balance.  People have come up with innovative ways of using hipbelt.  A Internet search will reveal these.

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