Is Ebay Feedback Being Misused And Abused

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Is Ebay Feedback Being Misused And Abused

It is our belief that the whole concept of feedback has been forgotten and is now being used as a bartering tool or left on a tit for tat basis by many ebay users, so we have written the following guide, in order to have YOUR SAY please read our opinion on this subject, at the end you will be asked whether you agree with us or not if the number of positive responces we receive meets a worthy figure we will put our concerns forward to Ebay for review by way of a partition using the number of votes received by all the genuine ebayers out there

If You AGREE With The Following Click On The YES Box At The Bottom

  1. Feedback Is Being Left On A Tit For Tat Basis, it is our belief that some ebay users will NOT leave feedback for there trading partner until they have received theirs, this is so they can leave you the same rating good or bad. (is it true and is it wrong)
  2.   Feedback Is Being Misused, it is also our belief that some ebay users are using feedback prematurely as this feature is designed to tell other users about your whole trading experience if a user has a problem with their purchase they should contact the seller to see what they have to say about it and when contact is complete you will then be in a better light to leave feedback. (agree or disagree)
  3. Feedback Is Being Abused, listings such as e-books or any other electronically transfered items to avoid postage cost and enable the seller to sell information very cheap that may or may not be worthy of an ebay listing users can build a high feedback score very quick this is most often done by the ebay scammers to lure you into a false listing to steal your hard earned cash or shatter your dreams (is this being done and have you been caught out yet)
  4. Feedback Is Being Used As A Bartering Tool, quite often some ebay users will not leave feedback if you cantact those users they sometimes claim the item has not arrived  in some cases this will be true as the Royal Mail have millions of letters and parcels to deliver everyday and I for one would be amazed if the odd letter or pacel didnt get lost in the system somewhere. However if an item has been lost a genuine ebayer will contact you after 5 - 7  working days just to get piece of mind that you have sent the item and they have not been riped off not wait until the seller contacts them 30 days later, these people will only leave you feedback if they are contacted and the feedback left will reflect whether you refunded their money, sent a replacement F.O.C. or not (is feedback being used to get extra items free of charge?)

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  1. Feedback Should Be Left Once You Have Completed Your Part Of The Trade
  2. Feedback Should Be Accurate To Your Experience  (this will help single out the bad traders)
  3. If You Have Not Received Feedback From Another User Forget It As No Feedback Is Better Than Negative Feedback (if a buyer hasn't received an item they will contact you soon enough)
  4. Always Rember You Can Please Some Of The People All The Time And All Of The People Some Of The Time But You Can't Please All The People All The Time (just because a user hasn't got a 100% feedback score does'nt necessairly mean you should avoid them we are all human after all.!!

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UPDATE 28-10-2008

Since the removale of sellers rights to leave a fair feedback we have seen an increase in bully tactics to recover free goods or discounted prices We must stress that there is such a thing as a bad buyer too example someone who does not pay or simply purchases an item just to get your email address there are even buyers out there that will claim no goods have been received dispite having a tracking referance, eBays answer to this is that we can leave a message warning other people when we leave positive feedback but lets be honest if you see a 100% feedback why bother wasting your time reading them i thought that was the whole idea of neutral or negative in the first place.. i think eBay should at the very least give sellers the right to a neutral feedabck option to give others a link to click & read the feedback left & allow them to make there own choices without the facts we are all at risk!!!

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