Is Serraezyme the answer to pet ill health?

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Animals don't understand the 'placebo effect' so when they are given a supplement and their health begins to improve, you really do know it is working.  This is what a lot of pet owners are finding after giving their animals a supplement called Serraezyme for pets.

Serraezyme comes originally from the amazing silk worm.  It is used by the silk worm to digest tough leaves and its own cocoon when it emerges as a moth.  It has been found that this enzyme when ingested in animals (ie, including humans) breakdown unwanted proteins and subtances in the body.  Serraezyme is now manufactured without the need to use the silk worm and is used in many applications for health in humans.  Of course, sceptics can always suggest that there is a 'placebo effect' when there is an improvement - but this just cannot be the case with animals. 

There is now a range of tablets and capsules specifically desinged for pets - cats, dogs primarily but other animals, too.   In humans, a version of the enzyme is used to combat inflammation, to reduce plaque in the arteries, to improve scar tissue, to reduce cysts and benign growths - and that is exactly what it does for pets, too.

It is a drug-free animal treatment, a natural remedy that is helping pet owners to help their pets and improve health and quality of life.  A number of vets have been using Serrapeptase enzymes for arthritis and many other animal conditions and the signs are more than encouraging.

This amazing enzyme has been successfully used on humans, without side effects for 25 years. This new animal treatment does not require a prescription and is a fraction of the cost of conventional medicines.

So far they have been giving the supplement to dogs, all severely affected with arthritis and all in a great degree of pain. There have been no side effects and pain relief has been almost total. Being a dietary supplement rather than a drug means a possible breakthrough for non-drug animal arthritis sufferers.

Serrapeptase, an enzyme derived from a controlled fermentation of the bacterial strain Serratia Serrapeptase. T-1 secretes this enzyme in a medium. The enteric coating of the tablets protects the enzyme from inaction in the acidic medium of the stomach.

Manufacturers have now introduced enteric-coated granules in capsules. This is of great benefit for treating small dogs, cats, children and those unable to swallow, as they can be mixed. Serrapeptase is a stronger saseinolytic (fibrinolytic) agent than any other known alkaline neutral protease such as chymotrypsin, bromelain or pronase.

The medicinal effects of Serrapeptase for animals identified clinically are:

• Lung, sinus and other mucus problems • Pain problems of any kind • Inflammation (after surgery, injury etc), in arthritis • Scar tissue • Mastitis • Cysts

· Recommended & Stocked by Vets
· No side effects
· A drug free alternative
· Affordable
· Can be taken be humans or animals

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