Is Skype That Useful?

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Its a great idea isn't it, talk to other eBay users quickly and efficiently about items making eBay a much more interactive place.

However, i have used it since it was introduced on eBay when i sell my items. I can safely say i have never had a good conversation with a buyer on there. All i get is people named 'sexy' etc, bots and the like trying to get you to chat, or join their seedy little websites. Is this needed eBay?? If the tool was being used then i could understand, but for Skype to work both users have to be on at the same time (often not the case), and if you aren't talking to another user you are talking to 'sexy' who is asking you your name and wether you will join her and her friends on their website.

Don't like unneccarsary spam on your Skype? Don't use the Skype feature on eBay.
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