Is Your Bra A Good Fit?

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Is Your Bra A Good Fit?

It is often difficult for an untrained-eye to tell whether the bra you are wearing is the correct size, or not. Many women make the common mistake of wearing a bra too big around the back and too small in the cup.  Your bra should not ‘dig-in’ to you or be uncomfortable to wear….in fact, if you are wearing the correct bra size; you are likely to forget you are wearing a bra at all!

The following fitting clues will help you to decide whether your bra is the correct size. Try on your bra and look at yourself in the mirror – look for the tell-tale signs that may indicate your bra is the wrong size.
The back of your bra rides up towards your shoulder blades

If the back of the bra rides up towards your shoulder blades it usually indicates the back of the bra is too big. For example – if you are wearing a 36C, it may be worth trying a 34D or even a 32DD. (Take a look at our bra sizing guide to help you with this.)




The bra cup digs into your bust at the top creating a ‘double-bust’ effect

 If the bra cups digs into your bust at the top, it is a sure sign that the bra cup is too small. Try the next cup size up!



The centre front of the bra sits away from your body

If the bra sits away from your body at the centre front, again it is sign that the underband of your bra is too big. Try a smaller underband.



The wires dig into your breast at the side

If the bra wire digs into you, it is usually a sign that the cup size is too small.

The bra cups are baggy

 If the bra cups are baggy, why not try a smaller cup size.


It is estimated over 90% of woman are wearing the wrong bra size. The bra sizing system can be confusing…there are so many styles and sizes out there!

Finding the right bra size and shape can make such a difference to your silhouette and of course, your confidence!

Here at Mio Destino – we aim to demystify bra fitting. Follow our guide and find your true bra size here

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