Is it REALLY Rosewood? Why buy branded goods?

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The saying is that a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet...  I don't disbelieve it.  What I do feel is that a brand name is a 'Value Added' feature.  Goods from the same manufacturer are not necessarily the same as they are when produced for a particular brand.  They may be made of different materials, to different scale, specification, or simply not to the same standard of care. 

When you buy branded goods you are buying peace of mind with the customer care that goes with it - mind you, I'm only talking about GOOD brands here! 

Unfortunately there are sellers on eBay who are listing goods under a brand name, and selling manufacturer's own name items as being the branded items.  It seems they don't understand the difference?  Some even show "List price" for the item they "appear" to be selling, to show the discount!  If the manufacturer's own name was really as good a selling point, then shouldn't they use their own?  Rosewood goods have their own badge and individual number on them - if it doesn't say Rosewood, then it isn't! 

This isn't the only abuse of a brand name going on on eBay; Sony, amongst others,  is ripped off left, right  and centre.  Don't encourage these sellers to carry on doing this!  It is the buyers who lose!

When you buy goods CHECK the listing carefully - then check information about the seller.  Is there anything that would lead you to wonder about the items?  There's no point calling the customer care line for the product you THOUGHT you were buying, and there may not be one for the product you have actually bought.

Not all companies yet understand the eBay VeRO program, which is a shame.  This allows brand owners to register with eBay, and have all listings that are showing their name removed when it doesn't relate to their products.  Until the brand owners are more pro-active some less educated (or less scrupulous) sellers will continue to sell incorrectly.

Don't be caught by them!
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