Is it Worth Opening an eBay Shop?

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Selling on eBay has never been an easy job. With millions of sellers on eBay with hundreds of millions of product listings, to get your item noticed is a big challenge. Here is one way by which you can cut off your competition and focus only on your products. Make your buyers see the products only listed by you and the items you are interested to sell at your price. Wonder how? It can be achieved by opening an eBay Shop.

What are eBay Shops?

eBay Shops are a type of online web store which has all your products under one roof. There are no more competitive products from your rival seller or no more restrictions for listing durations.

There are three types of eBay Shops: Basic Shop, Premium Shop and Anchor Shop. Ask any successful eBay Seller their opinion on whether to open an eBay Shop or not, the reply will be unanimous. The answer will always be in favour of opening an eBay Shop.

Here are some of the benefits of opening an eBay Shop:

1. Your Own Personal Space:
With millions of sellers selling their stuff on eBay it is very difficult to get noticed. Imagine getting your own space free from your competitors. You will get a unique URL displaying just your products.

2. More Business
According to eBay the buyers who have set up their own eBay Shop have an increase in their sales when compared to their counterparts without a Shop. With all your products displayed at one place you will have more sales.

3. Professional
Imagine where you would rather shop, at a street vendor or a well organized shop. Just like the offline world, the difference is clearly visible between an ordinary eBay seller selling their products and a seller with an eBay Shop selling their products.

4. Economy
You can list your items at a very low cost inside your eBay Shop. Instead of spending up to £1.30 per item you are charged a maximum of 20p to list an item in your eBay Shop, with only 1p per listing in an Anchor Shop. This way you have an opportunity to stock all your items whether its 100 or even 1000s of items. If you were to list these many items as conventional listings the cost would be enormous.

5. Customization
With knowledge of HTML, you can generate a highly personal look for your eBay Shop. You can divide your stores into product categories, add a logo, add pictures, insert About Us Page, show your Shop policies, etc.

6. Listing Duration
eBay Shop users are provided with several features like Auto Relisting, Good Till Cancelled Listings, 30 Days, 60 Days and more. You don't have to get worried about your item not being sold in a fixed duration period. Your items will stay live until they are removed by you.

7. Varied Listing Types
You can list your eBay Shop items in normal auction format or fixed price format. Recently, more and more buyers have preferred to buy from fixed price listings. The Buyer can instantly buy the product, make payment and complete the transaction.

8. In-Store Promotion:
You can put selected desired items into a feature section of your eBay Shop free of charge. When the buyer enters your Shop, your feature listing will appear in special boxes as per your Shop design. You can also cross promote your items at the bottom of each Shop item listing.

9. Newsletter - Email Marketing
You can create a list of interested buyers that have subscribed and shown interest in your products. You can then send them regular promotions, latest offerings, new arrivals, Seasons Discount, New Year sale etc

10. Seller Tools
Various seller tools are available to eBay Shop users like Markdown Manager, Accounting Assistant, Selling Manager, Email Marketing and more. With Markdown Manager, for example, you can create a Sale at an instant for your whole Shop, any desired category or any selected items.

11. Website
You can create an ecommerce website with a good domain name complementing your eBay Shop name. You can then can direct visitors as appropriate from your website to the eBay Shop and, providing you keep within eBay's linking rules, from your eBay Shop to your website.

12. Outside Promotion
You can promote your website and eBay Shop with the help of Twitter, Facebook, link building, SEO, submitting articles to article directories, web directories etc. You can also create specialized Google AdWords ads linking to your website or eBay Shop.

13. Shop Flyers / Business Cards
eBay Shop sellers are provided with templates and logos to develop their own Business Cards, Flyers etc.

14. Linking to Your eBay Shop from all Listings
You can list your Shop and give a glimpse of the products available in your Shop in all your auctions. If a buyer doesn't like these products they have an option to visit your eBay Shop and buy another product.

15. Easily Remembered
This is one of the biggest benefits of having a Shop on eBay. If you have a good Shop name it will be easily remembered and your buyers can visit your eBay Shop any time they want.

The biggest attraction of an eBay Shop is that the item within the Shop now appear in their correct places in eBay searches. At one time, eBay Shop items were excluded from eBay search results. Now, they are included - a huge benefit!
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