Is it really free postage - check carefully!

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I've just been caught out buying something which I thought had free postage on it and it turned out to have a postage cost of £8. I'm writing this guiide so people can profit from my bad experience. 

What happened was I bought some light weight paper items that are often genuinely free postage, especially when they are buy it now item which the item was. The top of the listing said postage free and the summary lists of items showed as postage free. When I paid for the item via paypal it came up as postage free.

Later in the day the seller contacted me and said you've only paid enough for collection in person, send me £8 in postage within 3 days or collect withing 3 days, or I will report you to ebay as a non payer. What I had not noticed was that the item was only postage free if you collected it in person. At the bottom of the listing the postage charge was given as £8 after a line saying collection in person was free. The postage for collection in person was shown at the top of the list of charges and so appeared on the lising line and on the listing header. On a casual glance it appeared that the postage was free. I know of 3 other people caught out like this. The seller claims she can not list charges in any other way than this.

You might be a smarter ebayer than I am so maybe you already know about this feature of postage costing listings, however if you're a newbie it might be something to watch out for

Happy ebaying

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