Is this the perfect toddler bike?

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The Strider PREbike™ is a revolutionary new learning vehicle for 1-5 year
old children. Besides providing great fun and exercise, the Strider PREbike™
also teaches steering, balance, and co-ordination and builds self-confidence.

This unique toddler bike has no pedals! The toddler simply sits astride the
bike and rests their feet on the ground. To go forward the toddler pushes with
their feet. And, to stop they simply put their feet down.

There’s no having to brake. There’s no having to balance using pedals. There
are no stabilisers. There’s nothing complicated. Toddlers find the bike fun and
very easy to use.

It has maintenance proof tyres, so the bike is never out of action waiting to be
repaired because of flat tyres. And you’re not wasting your time or money
doing repairs.

It only weighs 3.1 kg so it’s light enough for a toddler to lift and move around.
They can use it on their own. So they build confidence, strength and become
fitter. Parents can observe the tangible improvement in the control and coordination
their toddler demonstrates.

A Strider PREbike™ can be ridden from the age of 18 months up to 5 years.
You can easily adjust the handlebar and seat height. So it’s suitable for use
by the shortest of new riders (about 76 cm tall) and can grow with the

Available in 6 colours, and with a price tag of just £79.99, this is genuinely a
great gift for any child.

For more information, call on 01926 339107. or see items sold by striderbikeuk  for further details or to request a free information pack!



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