Is your Sony Memory Stick Duo Pro fake?

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Recently I received a fake 4GB Sony memory stick pro duo from the Amazon market place, very unexpected as the seller seemed legit…anyway since I had the real deal I thought I’d do a comparison for you guys. if you want to check if your memory card is legit, this should help clear things up.

One of these memory cards is fake, can you tell?
I don’t think anyone could easily tell by looking at the front of these memory cards.

How to tell if you have a fake Sony memory stick pro duo

The fake 4gb memory card packaging (right) has the product code MSX-M4GST/X, the real deal (left) does not include the T.

- The real deal has staple shaped heat pressed seals along the left, top and right - The fake on the other hand has round seals.

- The real Sony memory card hologram (left) has Sony shining on and off at the same time, the fake (right) is either completely on or off.

OK now…the back of the memory cards, the real deal has an italic S at the end of the first line, the fake does not.

The PSP test: if you own a PSP and the memory card actually works in it, go to Memory card, press triangle for information, if you have a genuine Sony memory card it will display ‘MagicGate Supported’, if it shows unknown or unsupported you have got a fake.


If the memory card you have received is counterfeit you are entitled to contact the seller and demand a refund, remember if its cheap its likely to be fake unless it is from a reputable retailer.

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