Ispygaming-ltd - Don't Always Trust 100% Feedback

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Ispygaming-ltd - 100% Feedback Doesn’t Always Mean A Trouble Free Purchase
Below is a factual account of my experience following my transaction with Ebay member ispygaming-ltd.
On 21st June 2011 I won Video Star 4 in 1 Games Fruit Machine JOKER POKER!!
Item Number 150618267006 at the price of £165. I made full payment by Paypal within 10 minutes of the auction end. I phoned the number that was published in the listing (07740946154) & I was informed that somebody would be in touch soon to arrange delivery.
A few days later I received a phone call asking if it would be ok to deliver on Saturday 2nd July. Unfortunately I was going to be out that day on a family trip, so I informed the lady on the phone of this & got told that they would try to shuffle a couple of things around.
Heard nothing more after that until I received a phone call while out on the family trip on the 2nd July from the delivery driver to tell me that he was 1 hour away from my house. I informed him that I was not home & would not be able to get home in time & was informed that they would re-arrange the delivery for another time.
I then heard nothing for a couple of weeks until I again rang the number from the listing to be told that they would sort something out. A few days later I was informed that the machine would be delivered on Tuesday 2nd August. At this point I was a little miffed about the delivery time, but understanding of the fact that it isn’t easy to coordinate nationwide deliveries using a limited amount of vehicles & still keep it cost effective. At 6pm on Monday 1st August, I received a text message which read “Hello im sorry its short notice but fruit machine will be delivered on Wednesday not tomorrow sorry for eny inconvenience”. This message was not received from the number in the listing, but from 07540159118.
Wednesday 3rd August came & not long after 3pm the delivery driver arrived with the machine. He was a very pleasant guy & whenever I attempted to help him move this large, bulky item he politely refused & got on with his job, so I’ll happily give the delivery driver his fair dues. He helped put the machine in it’s place, plugged it in & we chucked a £1 coin in to test that it was working. The machine accepted the coin, registered the credit & all appeared to be well. Before departing, the delivery driver wished us well & said that their only request was that if we ever have any problems with it, please contact Brian (& gave me the same number as published in the listing) before resorting to negative feedback. 
Unfortunately a problem did arise very soon after. When the wife used the machine a couple of hours later & managed to get a win, the machine would not pay out any coins. When we tried to follow the refill procedure we found that none of the coins were making their way into the hopper. In fact when we eventually got the machine open, we found that some of the coins were coming out of the back of the machanism while others seemed to be stuck in the mechanism. Not wanting to damage anything by attempting to fix it without knowing what I was doing, I contacted Brian on the aforementioned number & was very politely informed that it was probably the coin mechanism that was at fault & that it was an easy fix. He also stated that he would be in the area early next week (which would be the week of 8th-12th August) & that he would pop in & sort it out. We didn’t hear anything more over the weekend, but on Monday 8th August I rang Brian to see which day & roughly what time he would be coming so that I would be home. Couldn’t get an answer, but received a message stating “Will give you a bell later mate”.
The visit never happened & when I contacted him a few days later Brian informed me that the area he was going to was London & due to the riots & unrest in London at the time, he had to cancel those plans & told me he’d let me know when he was coming down.
At this point we were now well past the deadline for filing a claim with Paypal  as the 45th day after payment was made was the 8th August. Honestly though, I hadn’t wished to do that as communication seemed ok & the guy seemed quite decent.
However, the days soon passed & communication turned into silence & I also let the Ebay deadline for leaving feedback pass on 20th August as this was still only a week after the London riots & I was still under the assumption that our problem would be resolved.
September soon came & every attempt I made to contact Brian either resulted in the phone ringing out or going straight to answer phone. At one point I phoned from our landline & the phone was answered, but as soon as I asked about when the “simple fix” on the machine would be carried out, the line went dead. At one point I did manage to get hold of him to be told that he’d been away for a few days & had asked somebody to sort it out while he was away, but still never got a time or date when the problem would be resolved.
By now I was a little more than miffed - bloody fuming is closer to the truth - & I was getting sick of comments about “when is the machine getting fixed”, “have you heard any more about the machine” etc. Every attempt to contact Brian was resulting in no contact at all, so I decided to do a little checking up. An attempt to contact Brian on 6th September got answered, but the line again went dead shortly after I had asked about our faulty machine. Enough was enough, I decided to start digging. Ebay & Paypal deadlines may have passed, but there are still other avenues to pursue when a business has failed to live up to their obligations.
Although Ebay doesn’t provide a full address for sellers on their invoices, the invoice for the machine did give me this information; Susan Cooper Twycross, Warwickshire CV9 3EA
However, when I contacted the Gambling Commission (01212306666) & gave the number that ispygaming-ltd publish in their listings (000-005855-D-101670-003ONT) I was given a different address:
Eye Spy Gaming Ltd
61 Ashby Road
DE12 7JR
As I had suspected, the Gambling Commission aren’t the people to contact about a faulty machine, but they had been helpful enough in giving an accurate business address as this would be necessary should I decide to pursue a County Court Judgement or get in contact with Trading Standards.
Strangely enough, within 30 minutes of contacting the Gambling Commission, I received a text message from Brian stating “Battery went dead will get it sorted asap”.
During these few days I had also noted that negative feedback had appeared on ispygaming-ltd’s record, but this has now since been revised. At the time of writing this guide, there were 4 revised feedback comments showing on the ispygaming-ltd page.
The last contact I received from Brian was on 13th September at 1:43pm after I had again been unsuccessfully trying to phone him. The text message stated “Will post a coin mech tomorrow”.
On the 26th September I have still received no coin mechanism & had no further contact from Brian or anybody else from ispygaming-ltd. I don’t know if I ever will…
The above information is all fact & to this day I honestly do not know if my phone calls & texts went unanswered out of avoidance, due to the recipient being busy or due to him regularly being in an area with poor mobile reception. I would rather not pass judgement on this.
I would however give the following advice:
Do not always trust a 100% feedback record - an endless column of green + marks doesn’t tell the whole story.
If you do purchase something that turns out to be faulty or takes a long time to get delivered, make sure that you mark the 44th day after payment was made if you used Paypal - this at leasts extends your deadline by a further 20 days to escalate to a Paypal claim & may get your seller to hurry up & sort things out.
Also mark off the 59th day after the Ebay listing ended. I’m not a great fan of leaving negative comments - if you check my feedback record you will find that I did it once in 2007 & haven’t done since - but sometimes it may get you the result you need. The saying does go that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.
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