Italian Post Company troubles

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The following is for those who have bad experiences, namely item lost and parcel emptied on the way, with Italian Postal Service:

Person No. 1.

Since begining of this year I had three bad experiences with sending or receiving coins to or from Italy. First of all I must say that swappers were not responsible for these troubles, all of them are honest and serious people. The problem is in Poste Italiane.

First package from Italy arrived to my post office open. Actualy it was phisicaly opened and rubed before leaving Roma airport post office, because it was repacked into a PVC package at that point. I refused to accept it.

Second package never reached me. The sender sent an inquiry and I hope he has just got the refundation from the post company. Regarding the documentation I have seen at the post office when signing the inquiry, the package never reached the border interchange post office.

The third package was sent from me to Italy in February. After sending inquiry, I received the package back, but broken and half of the coins were missing (not all of them). The whole package was repacked somewhere in Italy...

I had no other bad experiences, although I swaped coins with many other people from all European countries.

So I suggest to be very carreful when sending packages to Italy or when receiving them from this country. Pack the coins good enough not to be noticed from the outside and send the package insured (well, a bit more expensive postage...).

Once again I must say that the Italian swappers are not guilty for these troubles. But guilty is the Italian Post Company (Poste Italiane).

Person No 2.
I would like to say that I had recently many problem with "Poste Italiane" too, especially (not) receiving envelopes, many got missed during last few weeks.
I have heard, but have no confirmation, that many robberies are due to the new "anti-terrorism" scanners that italian mail service are using.
The problem is that they (not all of them of course...) use the scanners not to check explosives or weapons or whatever, but to see if there are valuables inside the envelopes or packages.
It is very easy for employees to see if there are coins inside, so they just open the envelope and steal the coins.
Even registered mail is not 100% safe, and that's not good for us (italian swappers).

Person No 3.

Last year i got also empty priority letter it was opened nothing inside, and now this year i get empty registered letter, there was only paper about swap, i hope to got reimburse

Person No 4.

I had the same problem too with a registered parcel about two years ago now.
In Belgium it is really a big problem for much and much people too.
Not only for the coins collectors but also for entreprises, tradesmen, compagnies, manufactures of all kinds.
Moreover much of them use the privat companies now.

The last conversation I had with a friend of the disclamer Belgian post service show that even the Registered and "Assured" letters/packages "disapper" since the end of last year.
Long investigations and much works for the investigators of the postoffice and really few items found.

By the way, I am still waiting for a Registered letter from Naklo (Slovenia) since seven weeks now. Investigation in progress ... but I think 7 weeks without news is really ... too much long.

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