Itchy Scalp Treatment - Most Effective Treatments

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There are many things that can cause an itchy scalp, but the actual process which makes the scalp feel itchy is called inflammation - and this is actually a key factor in most diseases we know of today - if you can halt inflammation, you can halt all kinds of problems in the body and skin - including have a smooth balanced scalp where you can brush your fingers through your hair and feel great about it. 

So what are the best treatments for an itchy scalp?

In a list - the itchy scalp products are as follows: 

- The Taoist soap (from yes, its a soap which is used on the scalp for stopping inflammation (among other things like scalp detox and allowing better blood circulation thanks to the nature of the organic ingredients used - it is also an SLS free soap which is even better for people suffering from this. It's a little pricey, but its the best treatment I have ever used - the Taoist soap is also used as a top product for hair thickening

- Along with the above Taoist soap, its ideal to have an anti-inflammatory diet; this means avoiding carbs and sugar for a period of time - this is because all sugar and carbs actually feed inflammation! So stopping eating all sugar (natural or otherwise) foods will greatly help rebalance the body (after which you can start using sugar foods, but it is best to allow 3 months of reduced or stopped sugars) - adding this with the Taoist soap is a sure-fire way to stop inflammation not only on your scalp, but all over the body, parts you may not be aware that have inflammation (because pain or itchiness isn't always an indicator of inflammation).  

Some people use Nizoral Shampoo for stopping their inflammation or itchy scalp - but this is NOT a good way to approach it, as Nizoral contains certain chemical which may worsen the effects of inflammation even if it temporarily makes you feel it works - this is dangerous as this would make it even more painful and itchy after a 3 years of use - 6 months for some people depending on sensitivity. 

Exercising is a key factor in helping improve this condition - but this includes going out for a 40 minute walk (medium to fast paced) before eating (as it further uses energy reserves in the body - allowing the nerves to regenerate better, and better handle inflammation). 

This is how natural healing works - and it is important to understand that you cannot naturally cure things unless you do multiple things on various levels - the concept of western medicine has sadly put into the heads of many, that a cream or pill will be enough to cure something; but this is never the case, if it does, it may bring serious side effects which are simply equal to the previous health condition (be it inflammation of the scalp or anything else!). 

It is also important to use a healthy and natural shampoo, for which the Taoist soap can be a good replacement, or addition to your natural shampoos - as in the past, shampoos used to actually be similar to bars of soap (believe it or not). 
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