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When selling your item on ebay, you are far more likely to get more or higher bids if you take a decent photo. It is very exasperating for buyers if they cannot see the item they are interested in in detail. Blurred or dark shots should be re-taken. A bad shot will deter almost all potential buyers, and you will just have wasted your listing fee. If you do not have the courtesy to show your item at it's best, then you are doing yourself a disservice, and may put buyers off just on principle.
1. If you do not own a tripod, and not many people do, then try to stand your camera on a hard service to avoid shake from a freehand shot. This could be as simple as a stack of books for a tabletop shot.
2. Think about the light around your item - a light from behind will silhouette your item, so details will not show.
3. Daylight will always give a truer representation of the item than artificial light.
4. Try to keep peripheral clutter out of shot, this will distract from the item for sale.
5. Take at least a couple of shots if you can, from different angles.
6. Think about staging your shots - no need for anything fancy, but the "look" of pictures can influence how people feel about you as a seller, and therefore about your items.
7. If the item has wear, scratches, defects or other blemishes, show these in the photos - honesty is always appreciated, and if it does not detract from the overall use/look of the item then buyers will be able to gauge and appreciate this.

Believe me, a good photo WILL make all the difference if you are serious about selling - personally, I won't buy an item EVER if the photo is blurred or too dark (or too light for that matter) - you just don't know what the bad quality image may be hiding.
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