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Why is it people think that certain items, for instance Resident Evil games and Metal Gear Solid games need to be listed as RARE to attract attention of people who dont know any better...! i mean really are they RARE, well the answer is NO, you type in Resident evil or Metal Gear Solid and there are hundreds! and even in game stores these exsist in the dozens! i myself own every single Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid twice over! not to mention others that include the Final Fantasy series and Tomb Raider. One set that is used and one set that is in mint condition, so they are so RARE i own 2 of each! then to make the matter worse some poeple are charging £20+ for games that are 10+ years old! i can go and buy a second hand PS3 game from a retailer for less than that! people may think im just ranting, but i am for a reason, items such as these are not RARE and are not worth more than a PS3 Blu-Ray disc game! i mean jesus i payed £20 for Final Fantasy VIII BRAND NEW so why am i going to pay £20+ for a 10+ year second hand copy?!?!?!
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