Items which are misleading in their details

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Hi Members,

this is another of my guides written to help those of you who may be new to ebay and what it entails regarding buying from other members. This will also be useful to regular members who are SEASONED buyers alike.

This review encompasses the sites which are cropping up on ebay which are selling items which they do not use a definitive condition for; but which they classify as 'GRADED'. This almost certainly means that they have been a mail order return that another person who has bought up that stock is shifting through the ebay medium.

In days of old these people would have been seen in small yellow robin reliants selling from corners of street and then scarpering when officialdome appeared. The definitive problem with these items are that they seemingly look great on the site to which they are being sold; but once they arrive they are anything but that. In my experience recently I bought an item from a seller who as i have described did not state the relativity of the condition of the item. however, he did state that upon sending the seller an e-mail to complain about the condition that I should have known what 'GRADED' meant. 

I would defy anyone to be able to second guess the condition of an item through the sheer fact that we are all supposed to have the ability to read into a sellers shop name the specifics as to the condition of the tiems that they sell.

I would urge anyone that chooses to buy from one of these sellers to first contact them and to ascertain the condition of the item before it is bought and shipped. Like everywhere else in this world there are unscrupulous people on ebay who will do anything for the 'QUICK BUCK'.

My advice would be that if it looks too cheap then it is most probably not as described or it may have been handled with very strong heat resistant gloves and caught by an aspiring goal-keeper from the back of a very fast moving van, whom the driver forgot to close and lock the rear doors !  Get my point !

Good luck ebayers, we deserve better than this as we spend our hard earned cash the best way we think possible only for some of us to be led literally up the garden path and have our money removed from our wallet/purses by latter day horseriding, cape wearing, mask doning highway robbers.

I hope this review is helpfull to those people who read it. If so leave the feedback about this review.

Thanks and good ebaying!!!!!


Sorento007 - Paul

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