It's All About Daniel O'Donnell

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Initially, I was disappointed having purchased a Daniel O'Donnell DVD, only to receive a copy of a television programme. However, having watched it, I am very glad that I did. This programme did not set out to show that Daniel O'Donnell is a great entertainer. His many fans around the world already know that. It set out to look at the person behind the stage performances. What it showed was that he was doing something that he loved doing, namely singing and entertaining the public. What it then showed was the probably unique way in which he relates with his fans - or his friends, as he would call them. He is not content to simply meet the fans behind the stage after performances, as is the norm with stage performers. He sets out to know as many of his fans personally as he can, sending them birthday cards and get well cards when they are not well. He even phones them up when they are in hospital. This is no elaborate PR stunt - he really does care about his 'friends'. This programme is essential viewing for all Daniel O'Donnell fans. It is also recommended viewing for anyone who is interested in the psychology of entertainers. Yes, I am glad that I have seen the programme and I am sure that you would be too. Look out for it.
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