Ive nearly been stung by Nigerians too

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I was nearly stung by Nigerians too when I tried to sell my Nokia mobile phone.  The last 5 minutes of auction the bidding went crazy and thought my luck was in when the bidding ended at £230 - over double the value of the phone when new.  It took me a while to get a response from the buyer and I insisted on payment through Paypal.  The e-mails I received from the buyer were in broken English.  The message that I received from Paypal to let me know that payment had been received was also in Broken English.  The buyer even had the cheek to give me another £50 for the extra expense for sending my phone to him in Nigeria.  I cottoned on straight away and sent a really nasty e-mail to the buyer letting him know how disgusting he was to operate such a scam - pretending to remit payment so that I would send the goods.  I didn't get another reply from the buyer but at least I have had the pleasure of telling these people how disgusting they are.

I sent these supposed Paypal payment notifications to Paypal to alert them of the scam and I have received no response from Paypal.  I was lucky I didn't send my phone to them. 

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