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Started in 2006, issued every 2 weeks. first issue was £1.99, subsequent ones are £7.99.
is also sold in France and Australasia, apparently coming out in the USA too.
French price is €14.99 ,, very high compared to UK price at £7.99.. about £12 in France (exchange rate at 08/10).

Total of 105 cars planned including 3 specials that were only available to subscribers

However if you subscribed the chances of obtaining a perspex box that was in one piece were quite low.
best to order through your newsagent or buy mint boxed items from ebay if you are looking for mint mint.

FULL SET TO DATE IS 105 CARS see below at end APRIL 2010 last issue is 105.

UPDATE - full set is 122 at JUNE 2012
UPDATE - full set is 134 cars -2015  end

UPDATE ....ITS NOT THE END THEY HAVE STATED THE ISSUE AGAIN !!!!!!! price is now £9.99 in the UK

Special Issues

-Renault 11 topless/backless - VIEW TO A KILL, was supplied in the same format as other cars on a lettered base, hard plastic cover, over cover in soft clear plastic with cardboard base glued to cover.
-T55 tank - supplied in simple clear soft plastic packaging, no lettering.
-Little Nellie gyrocopter - supplied in clear soft plastic packaging, no lettering sealed to cardboard base - note the blades are folded and there is no pilot.

These 3 were not available in the newsagents.

Due to the series popularity the prices on these 3 items vary enormously, as when the issue is released in another country they have to run a production of the 3 cars for the promotion. 
These 3 can be somewhat rare,  they were limited in production so they will be rarer eventually.

Have seen the RENAULT taxi half car vary from just under £10 on ebay UK to about £30.

Magazine issues


  1. DB5 - Goldfinger  Swissroad, tyre slashers
  2. Aston Martin Vanquish - Die Another Day Ice palace exterior 
  3. Lotus Esprit - The Spy Who Loved Me Underwater version 
  4. BMW Z8 - The World Is Not Enough - with Saw
  5. Citroen 2CV - For Your Eyes Only Mountain road chase 
  6. Jag XKR - Die Another Day Inside Ice Palace
  7. Toyota 2000 - You Only Live Twice Tokyo road, Tanaka's heli magnet, TV monitor
  8. Lotus Esprit Turbo -  For Your Eyes Only Maroon Lotus in snowy mountains with Skis
  9. BMW Z3 - GoldenEye Cuba with Wade's plane
  10. Ferrari 355  - GoldenEye Cliff chase with DB5
  11. DB5 - Thunderball French chateau with oil cannons in exhausts
  12. Aston Martin DBS - On Her Majesty's Secret Service Beach,
  13. Mustang Mach 1 - Diamonds Are Forever Vegas Strip
  14. Aston Martin V8 - Vantage The Living Daylights Ice lake 
  15. BMW 750i - Tomorrow Never Dies 
  16. Lotus Esprit  - The Spy Who Loved Me 
  17. Sunbeam Alpine - Dr No Cliff chase
  18. Triumph Stag  - Diamonds Are Forever Amsterdam bridges
  19. MGB  - The Man With The Golden Gun Hong Kong
  20. Aston Martin DBS - Casino Royale r 
  21. Mercury Cougar -  On Her Majesty's Secret Service Race track beaten about
  22. Corvorado - Cadillac Eldorado
  23. Mercedes 250 SE  - GENERAL ORLOV Octopussy
  24. Mini Moke - Live and let Die
  25. Aston Martin DB5 - factory chase Goldfinger - roof off
  26. LADA 1500 -  split in 2 - the living daylights
  27. FORD THUNDERBIRD - JINX Die another Day
  29. TUK TUK taxi - Octopussy
  30. Ford Mustang convertible - Thunderball
  31. Moon Buggy - Diamonds are forever
  32. Mercedes 600 - OHMSS
  33. Chevrolet Bel Air - Dr NO
  34. RANGE ROVER - Tomorrow never dies.
  35. Ford Mustang - Goldfinger
  36. ZAZ 956A - Goldeneye
  37. Chevrolet Corvette - View to a Kill
  38. Maserati Biturbo 425 from Licence To Kill
  39. Lamborghini Diablo from Die Another Day
  40. Citroën Traction Avant from From Russia With Love
  41. Jaguar XJ8 from Casino Royale
  42. 1964 Ford Thunderbird from Goldfinger
  43. Chevrolet Nova Police Car from Live and Let Die
  44. AMC Matador Coupe from The Man with the Golden Gun
  45. Land Rover Series III from The Living Daylights
  46. Willys Jeep M606 from Octopussy
  47. FORD Fairlane - Die another day 
  48. Lincoln Continental from Goldfinger
  49. Daimler Limousine from Casino Royale
  50. MP Lafer from Moonraker
  51. Range Rover Sport from Casino Royale
  52. Ford GT40 Die another day
  53. Renault 11 from A View to Kill (full car)
  54. Chevrolet Impala from Live and Let Die
  55. 1977 Dodge Monaco from A View to Kill
  56. 1965 Toyota Crown from You Only Live
  57. Ford Fairlane from Thunderball
  58. Aston Martin DBS from Quantum of Solace
  59.  Hispano-Suiza from Moonraker
  60. Ford Ka  - Quantum of SOLACE
  61. Leyland Sherpa Van - Spy who loved me
  62. Mercedes S class - Tomorrow never dies
  63. ALFA ROMEO 159 Quantum of Solace
  64. Bentley 4 Litre - From Russia with Love 
  65. Land Rover Defender 90 - The Living Daylights
  66. BMW 518 POLICE - Octopussy
  67. Land Rover Lightweight - Living Daylights
  68. Lotus Esprit Turbo - For Your eyes Only
  69. Aston MArtin V8 Vantage - The Living Daylights
  70. Daimler Super 8 - Quantum of Solace
  71. Austin Mini - OHMSS
  72. Audi 200 Quattro - The Living Daylights
  73. Alfa ROmeo GTV6 - Octopussy
  74. VW Beetle - OHMSS
  75. Ford Taunus - The Spy Who loved me
  76. FORD Ranchero Truck - Goldfinger
  77. Checker MArathon Cab - Live and let Die
  78. Mercedes Benz 220S - OMHSS
  79. Range Rover Sport - Quantum of Solace
  80. Gaz Volga - Goldeneye
  81. Beach Buggy - For Your eyes Only
  82. Q BOAT - For your eyes only
  83. Peugeot 504 - For your eyes only
  84. DRAGON TANK - Dr No
  85. Land Rover Defender
  86. Renault Fuego
  87. Parahawk
  88. Cadillac Hearse
  89. Ford Anglia - Doctor No
  90. Acrostar - Octopussy
  91. Ford Edge - Quantum of Solace
  92. La Salle HEarse
  93. Osprey Hovercraft
  94. Binz Ambulance
  95. Kawasaki Z900
  96. Chevrolet C10 Ambulance
  97. Rolls Royce Pahntom 3
  98. Rolls Royce Silver Shdow
  99. Range Rover Convertible
  100. Ford Crown Victoria
  101. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II
  102. BONDOLA (Gondola)
  103. Ford Bronco II
  104. ZIL-117
  105. Ford Country Squire
  106. Ford Consul
  107. Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II
  108. Ford Econoline
  109. Chevrolet Impala
  110. Aston Martin DB5 - Quantum of Solace
  111. Ford Thunderbird
  112. Mercedes Benz 220
  113. VAZ 2016 POlice
  114. Austin FX4 taxi - black cab
  115. Austin Cambridge taxi
  116. Lada
  117. Mercedes Benz 220S
  118. Lada Vaz 2105
  120. Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL
  121. GAZ VOLGA M-24
  122. DODGE M-43 AMBULANCE - Available august 2012
  123. Plymouth Savoy taxi From Russia.
  124. Chevrolet Bel Air Live and Let Die
  125. Dodge Ram Licence to Kill
  126. Chevrolet Apache C30 From Russia with Love
  127. Dodge M43 ambulance Goldfinger
  128. Morris Minor 1000 Thunderball
  129. Ford Ranch Wagon From Russia with Love
  130. Wales & Edwards Rangemaster milk float The Living Daylights
  131. Chevrolet Bel Air police car Live and Let Die
  132. Lincoln Continental convertible Goldfinger
  133. Aston Martin DB5 Skyfall
  134. Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Moonraker

 This collection contains lots of cars that have not been modelled before, its a nice cheap way to collect a very full representation of James Bond cars. Im pretty sure the TUK TUK. Mini Moke, Split LADA, Corvorado, Merc 250Se, Merc 600, ZAZ-986A, Willys Jeep, Land Rover, Citroen  and loads more havent been seen before as a 1/43 James Bond model. .. please correct me if im wrong.

The cars are made by UH (Universal Hobbies) in China, and to be quite honest they're not bad for the price you are asked to pay for them.

They are so much better than what Corgi is offering at the moment from their James Bond collection, and so much cheaper than what Minichamps offers.

The list above shows current releases. Most are available on ebay. It is said that this series will finish at number 55 .. this was originally 40.. we are now at 47 (at October 22 2008), now at 59 (April 2009) .. planned for 70 ! now at 85 (May 2009).. now 95 August 2010.....now 105 April 2011... 2012 - now 118 CARS ...August 2012 - 122 cars
now 134 issues and ended.

I noticed that there is a stream of cars coming in from Hong Kong, unboxed, i have to assume they came out of the factory back door. Sometimes you were able to obtain the next (unsealed/unboxed) model weeks before its UK release. they are still available however are unboxed and not on the normal bases if any base atall..

things to watch out for when buying ..

  • Broken plastic boxes .. due to the way these items are delivered .. sometimes in jiffy bubble bags !!!! .. they can suffer cracks .. make sure your seller packs it in a box.. or that you are aware and the seller states there is a crack in the box in the auction.
  • Missing parts - sometimes the parts fall off or are missing .. have seen db5 and Toyota 2000 with no spinners and 250 se with wheels fallen off if you talk nicely to the manufacturer they will actually help you out.. possibly even send you a new one.
  • Reversed boxes - the base of the box is put on the wrong way and the name of the car and film canot be seen .. this is a production finishing fault.
  • Sealed- non sealed !! - Items are normally sealed in a white cardboard base and clear plastic cover, its up to you .. will hold value better if sealed .. ie guaranteed not handled .... from my selling experiences non sealed command lower prices than sealed.
  • Magazines.. delivered with and without ... do you really want them .. theres so much literature out there about Bond. Some sellers are selling the mags on their own.. chance to pick up really cheap. 
  • SHIPPING .. very important .. get your seller to ship it to you in a box !!! .. the plastic cover breaks very easily.

It really is a very nice collection and im sure it will appreciate in value in years to come ...


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