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Would you like to find designer bargains here on ebay here i let you into my secret!?

I usually buy and sell childrens clothing and am more and more frequently am finding myself bagging myself some superior ebay bargains from following one simple technique that i stumbled across unintentionally.

There are several ways of finding a bargain on ebay and the guides i have read on here often suggest misspelt searching - or taking a gamble with inexperianced sellers with little or no feedback but having tried these - yes i have found some bargains this way, i can suggest my own way of searching to get the best prices

i often use the item finder on the left hand side of the screen in listing pages and then choose "OTHER" in the size section

a very simple tip you may think, but its true!

i usually use this when looking for childrens or baby clothing bu can be utallised in adult clothing too - especailly when loking for designer clothing

you see many designers size there clthing strangly, a particular favourite of mine is MONSOON and most of the time in the larger sizes these are 2-4 years, 4-6 years ect and many sellers either through inexperiance in catagories, uncertainty or other list  in the "other" sizes as of course the label in the inside insnt one of ebays strict sizing eg 2-3, 3-4, 4-5

Other designers such as PUMPKIN PATCH or NEXT size or previously have sized there clothing as 3 years 4 years which are also often found in the OTHER size section, As a rule of thumb i usually take this size when described this way to be the LARGEST SIZE it would fit so an Age 3 would suit a 2-3 year old

Other designers also size there products strangley size 1, 2, 3, 4 but unless you are familiar with the designed look on there website or contact seller for specific measurements

If you are a seller you would have noticed a warning at the bottom of your listing page prior to listing that says items listed in OTHER catagories typically  sell for 25% less than catagoric listed. typically these are rarely searched through as people think Oh i need an item sized 2-3 years for example so unless it hits a specific keyword search these ites dont recieve as many hits as a similar item in a different size catagory may have done.

Granted you may have to trawl through several pages of items that may be inappropriate but if you are just browsing with nothing in particalar in mind its worth a peek through the first page or so as often you will  win on a maiden bid or on a lower price that the mainstream catagories - and hopefully a designer bargain too if your lucky

if you found my guide helpful please vote for it after all i have let you in on MY BIGGEST EBAY SEARCH SECRET!


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