JSM Joys Sewing Machine 8001

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Would not have boutght this if I had read the reviews and been forewarned!

I did leave positive feedback as when received, promptly the machine seemed ok even though the stich shape was not so good (OK it was cheap)

Stich quality is consistently poor with the shapes not matching the pictures of stiches. The machine frequently knots up and grinds to a hault. So I decide to contact Joys to arrange a return of the faulty item and end up wanting to scream.

I call and get answerphone message saying they are closed as I am calling out of businness hours - but I am not! I call and call and call .......  Eventually getting transferred to sevice and cut off. So call again, again, again ("we're closed"). Getting annoyed now I eventually speak to a service technition who speaks with the speed of a machine gun and tells me it is my fault and I am sewing wrong (only been sewing 30 years) and I firmly ask her to listen before she stops rattling away. I am told the bobbin case is in wrong (it was sent this way) and advised how to change it followed by the click of a prompt hang up. Changing the casing did nothing but break a needle.

I now call back again ("we're closed"answermachine) and again ... Eventually asking to speak to a manager - who will ring me back. Which did happen later the same day and it was impressed upon me that I must pay the return postage, the fee for looking at the machine if they do not find a fault (is a bobbin case in the wrong place a fault?) and the return postage fee. They were pushy enough to put me off returning the item, althouth I have decided to go ahead and claim a refund through paypal if they go the 'no fault found' route.


If you buy use paypal so that you can claim if it all goes wrong...............


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