Jane Powertwin

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I bought my powertwin off ebay a couple of months ago and I love it..... I am a childminder and find it very light to push even with my buggypod on the side. Tha hand brake is very good idea as when going down hills with two in my other buggy it tends to pull you and you feel out of control.. so you just pull it on slightly and walk camly down the hill..

Only things I find annoying is the size of the basket underneath not really big eneough cos once you put the raincover in it there is not much room for anything else.. The raincover has broken, the strengthening pole has come through the material on one end. The only safety thing I find is when you go up pavement/steps the front can tip to the side which is dangerous.So you have to make sure the rear wheels are against the step before you push it up. I have no problems as long as I do this.

Overall I LOVE this pram certainly easier to push than my Cosatto tandem I can have two in it, still have one on reigns as easy to push with one hand.

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