Jane Powertwin pushchair

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Purchased this buggy for £399 last September, thinking priciest was best!
Rain cover split from velcro on the first use! shopping basket is too small and not easy access at all. Now eight months down the line the plastic back brake is broken, the nice orange names have worn off, and to top it off whilst walking with the pram with two toddlers in it, the front wheel completely sheared off from the joint! eight month old pram that cost £399!! now in process of sending back to retailer.

Build quality is pretty good! very easy to get on/off buses, into shops ect although I would be very wary of buying this brand again though, not much better than the cheaper cosattos etc


Received pram back after just over a week, would of been quicker except for the bank holiday. Cant praise them enough for how quick and helpful they are, although 6 months guarantee is a bit short in my eyes. I dont know if this was an isolated unit, trying not to moan but for new mums and dads always worth shopping around different brands ect, as I said earlier they are THE best tandem if like me you have'nt got a car then they are fantastic for buses/taxis although the front wheel when in swivel mode is a pain when getting off the bus, they fold down really easy and are very light for its size, the rain cover has lots of different opening windows, also has  a pump for the tyres which sits on the back axel. Handle has lots of different positions.

Rear seat folds down nearly flat for newborns although it doesn't come with a neck restraint, also has a rubber footrest on rear seat as well. If you have a toddler sitting in the front seat, have found you need to make sure their feet are on the foot rest otherwise the swivel wheel will scuff them nice new £30 timberland boots you just bought! as I found out lol.

If your purchasing it new from a shop then I would ask if they would assemble it for you, even for an extra days wait or few quid more because building the front wheel and brake was a nightmare, I can build Pc's and done an Ikea flat pack
bedroom suite in four hours flat yet that front wheel had me going for a while.

If your buying this like I did for a newborn and toddler then DON'T buy the car seat (unless you have a car!!)for the newborn just lay the rear seat flat and buy a head/neck restraint to stop there heads for wobbling side to side, as one retailer of a pram we bought for are other child advised to use the car seat as a restraint to stop them jiggling round, later found out that this is ok for short periods of time, but any longer than that and can damage growth of their bones.

The best thing about pushing this tandem is in the 8 months of having it we have only seen one other couple with the same one, we always receive nice compliments on how nice it looks, as they do look very good, although as for running down the beach with it I don't know lol. Only other things I would say are its very easy to clean, we have the dark blue or stylon as jane call it, I think the other colours are a stone/brown type and the new season are of an orange variety! chassis does get scratches but? every now and then you might need to tighten the front wheel to stop it from acting like a tesco trolley.

As I said not being a nitpick, but for 400 quid best to know the niggles and annoying things which all prams have even uber 3 grand ones no doubt, you can buy side by side prams from mothercare from 200 hundred upwards which we looked at, which is far as you could as it wouldn't fit through any average size doorway house or shop and no chance on a bus! we are very happy with it, just not the part about the front end falling off and sitting in A + E for four hours with two kids!

*** Updated ***

The pump that comes with the pram, doesn't fit at all lol, its the wierdy type, one with a lever on top, how the hell its meant to work I dont know, tyre was a bit down, missus decided to top it up and ended up deflating it, I spent at least 40 minutes vigorously trying to inflate it again, the postman had a go too, to no success either, ended up walking to a garage using theirs. Ended up buying a proper bike pump for a pound and works a treat!

*** Updated ***

16/10/06 walking down the road with the pram, same again front footplate/forks sheared off AGAIN?? How can this be? It was not doing a destruction derby, not used as a wheel barrow or anything else other than what it was designed for. Its not in and out of cars being unfolded neither is it folded down in the house, it doesn't go cross country. Its used 3/4 times a week going to mum and tots groups which are all within 10-15 minutes walking distance, its not been on a bus in well over 5-6 months, so basically all 3 wheels have touched the ground.

Johnston prams (uk ret. for jane) pretty helpful, asked for me to take it to the retailer which is miles away with no car OR pay a courier 45 pounds. Eventually agreed to have the parts sent out free of charge.

Even when we do get the parts I am considering getting rid and buying a cheaper tandem, graco to name one, which a friend has had for 2 years takes a lot more abuse and cost well under half of the powertwin. Seriously WOULD NOT buy this model again and would advise anyone thinking of spending out to not buy either unless you value you child's health and safety. God knows if we had been crossing a main road or something as when it breaks its very heavy with two toddlers inside it.

*** Update ***

I have been receiving mail from people who have had the EXACT same problems with the powertwin.

PLEASE goto the johnston prams website and contact them.

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