Japanese art objects....Great fun,great investment.

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As you all may know I have been addicted to Japanese art both military and civil for over forty years.     During this period many changes  have occured, the internet & ebay have offered a vast new market and leveled  the price of many items.    The most noticiable has been Japanese wood block prints and Japanese Armour, both seem to have come down in value/price considerably but not always to the benefit of the buyer.

When you buy these items be a little cautious and be sure to ask as many questions to the origin,age and reproduction as you can.  For most part it is fun and the item decorative rather that investment.

If you intend to become a collector in a more serious way pleas do not think that the internet will offer a "Bargain" market for you.  In some instant it will but in most case's it will offer items from dealers & collectors that  know far more of the subject and its value than you do at the present time.

There is nothing wrtong in paying the full market price for a Samurai sword or work of art, I have found the one thing{and there are few} that collecting Oriental art assures is that it virtually never drops in value.  Currently Chinese and Indian art both military and civil seem to be a very good option.  These area's of collecting are also those of the now wealthy Sino Indian collectors.        Russian artifacts are not only the major  international auction favorites but as a friend who works for  one of the UK's top auction house's, the Russian buyers are into oriemtal antiques in a big way.

I do not pretend to have a universal expertise but of course have a pretty wide knowledge after forty odd years.....advice is freely given, happy to trade or sell from my web site........just have a chat as in retirement it is good to meet and discuss as happened recently.    If you feel inclined call me on   (UK) 01736753581.

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