Japanese swords,Nihonto.

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The majority of swords on E.bay described as "Japanese" will be fakes,blatant fakes and sadly from China.

You will not buy a genuine sword for £40 .........£400 to $5000 yes.

Simple rules to follow.........

(1) good photographs

(2) good description with a commitment as to the swords origin.

(3)The sword is Gendai.Shin Shinto,Shinto,Koto or even Shin Sakuto.

(4) Correspond with the seller, ask history and get them to confirm  origin and history{Modern in the case of Shi & Kai Gunto mounted swords}

(5) Assume that if the sword is from China that it may not be genuine, in my experience virtually all Japanese swords advertised for sale from the far east are copies and the description is to say the least,questionable.

(6) Sword papers, this may not prove worth, many Japanese papers now have a question mark over them.

(7) simple rule, "Do you like it?"  "Can you afford it" "Do you want an immediate profit".....If the answer is yes to the first two and no to the last have a go.......but refer to my first guide on payment.

I have since placed a "Grumpy Blog" guest book on my web site, this allows members to inform us of any seller who has caused them problems by either miss describing a japanese item or committed fraud bu offering an item they do not have to sell.

This is in a small way an attempt to protect our community. www.collectorsloot.homestead .com


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