Jarrah Garden Furniture

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The purpose of this guide is to provide information about Jarrah Timber - an exclusive hardwood found only in Western Australia - and to explain why it is an excellant choice for your outdoor furniture.

Jarrah Timber

From a far corner, comes one of the world great hardwoods, Jarrah. A spectacular hardwood, in both looks and strength, its beautiful grain patterns are coloured with warm, reddish-brown tones. And its remarkable durability ensures a timeless beauty.

When fresh, jarrah is quite workable but when seasoned it becomes so hard that conventional wood-working tools are useless. It is very durable, even in wet and weathered situations, making it an excellent choice for your garden furniture

Master craftsmen the world over are producing striking designs out of this beautiful hardwood. Pieces include opulent banquet tables, cutting-edge chairs, entertainment units and wine cabinets worthy of the finest drop. Jarrah commands attention in any setting.

Australia’s Jarrah is the preferred timber for outdoor furniture both in Western Australia and around the world —treated correctly, outdoor furniture constructed in jarrah will last a lifetime.

Western Australia’s forest’s, where this exclusive timber is found, is managed by the state government inline with international accepted principles of sustainable development. This ensures the forests are conserved for today and for future generations to use and enjoy.

Timber Information

Species: E. Marginata

Common Name: Jarrah

Wood Description: Primarily dark to reddish brown in colour, with some natural variation. Open grain, slightly interlocked at times displaying figure.

Wood Density: Green Density: 75 Pcf Dry Density: 51 Pcf

Durability Class: 3/2 Decay: 3/2 Decay + termites(CSIRO revised ratings 1996)

Generally known as durable and termite resistant

Applications: Architectural Joinery, fine outdoor furniture, high quality interior finishes, flooring and various outdoor applications

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