Jasper Fforde-Books, Postcards, T-Shirts.

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Jasper Fforde is a British author. This is a list of his current work and their order.

Books/Audiobooks (The Thursday Next Series)

                                The Eyre Affair

                                Lost in a Good Book

                                Well of Lost Plots

                                Something Rotten

                                Thursday Next in First Among Sequels

                                 (The Nursery Crimes Series)

                                 The Big Over Easy

                                 The Fourth Bear

                                 The Great Hare and Tortoise Race (Unpublished)

                                (On its own)

                                Shades of Grey/Gray

As for T-shirts and postcards here it gets complicated

T-shirts include Acme Service, Porridge (Fourth Bear), Ginja (Fourth Bear), Spec Ops 17 (Thursday Next books), Toast (Lost in a Good Book), Jurisfiction (Thursday Next books from Lost in a Good Book), Spec Ops 27, NCD (Nursery Crimes books), Minotaur (Something Rotten), Dodo sign (Thursdays), Swindon Mallets (Lost in a Good Book), Goliath (Lost in a Good Book and others)

Postcards include Maggy Roberts drawings, warnings about Cheese, the airplane croquet, Thursday Next next to a car, the autopsy of Humpty Dumpty and so on.


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