Jazz Guitar

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Having played one to many gigs where i've turned up to play and discovered the venue was in the middle of a farmers field or at a bandstand  and the well meaning event organiser did'nt realise the band needed a power supply, i now use only loud acoustic jazz guitars when i have to play outdoor gigs. The keyboard player, forget about it, he has to go home and does'nt get paid. The double bassist, drummer and saxophonist are fine because they can play with or without power being acoustic instruments.

Ok, so all that being said what jazz boxes/ archtops/ acoustic guitars work for me. Well most fancy jazz guitars like the Emperor Regent, Aria FA70, Joe Pass Model and so on....... whilst these are pretty looking guitars they just don't have enough power to work without an amp, plugged in they sound fine but going back to my dilema, i want a jazz box where if i need to play acoustic or plugged in, i need a great all rounder.I've discovered the best guitar for my needs has been the Django Rhienhart style Selmer Maccaferri box. Its loud, its punchy, its bright, its smooth and warm when plugged in, and played just acoustically will carry well enough to be heard.

Models to check out-SAGA Gitane, Manouche........

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