Jealous folk on ebay

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I totally agree with the guide I was just reading which talked about wanting to knock some of us off the 100% feedback pedestal.  Your jolly lucky if you can maintain 100% these days what with changing ebay rules and the folk you have to deal with.  I for one, and I'm sure there are many other ebay sellers who are the same, work VERY hard to ensure I provide the best possible service for my buyers.  I want them to be delighted with their acquisition, why would I not, I don't want trouble, but in the final analysis I offer them their money back if my description or condition is not as stated.  I can't be any fairer than that.  Every so often someone takes it into their head to give me the hardest time possible with ridiculous vitriol.  Whoever you deal with whether they seem good, bad or indifferent we must ALWAYS remember that we don't know these people and must never kid ourselves we do.  This is where many young people fall into a trap by talking to someone via email and think they know them.  Ebay shows quite clearly the following two outstanding facts:- 1) The vast majority of folk who buy or sell on ebay are fine and want a smooth easy transaction but 2) a small number, it seems, want to cause as much mayhem as possible and even after repeated emails proving there' talking nonsense still continue to fire arrows.  The best plan is to just disregard them by not responding to their emails at all. 
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