Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee

My personal experience of owning a 2.7 CRD ltd Grand Cherokee AUTOMATIC on a 52 reg plate.

The cars have some very expensive problems so please check out these few pointers:

1)Heating controls.

Jeep have an electronic system for controling the direction of air from the dashboard. Unfortunatley this often breaks leaving you very little control over which vent the air is coming out. De misting the front screen can take an age if this is broken. Also turn the fan motor to max to see if that is also broken. To get this repaired at a Jeep dealership will cost in excess of £1700.00.

2)Fuel Injectors.

The engine in this model is by Mercedes which you would think is a bonus. The problem is the injector seal (a 20p copper washer) breaks down and needs replacing at about 70,000 miles. You can tell if this needs doing by taking the plastic cover off the engine (it needs to be running and warm) and listening for what can best be described as a systematic hissing sound not unlike a steam engine. The first two injectors nearest the radiator are a simple but fiddly fix. The next three require you to drop the engine to gain access which will cost a lot of money.


The gearbox is again made by Mercedes but can suffer like the engine. This auto box is found on may mercs including some of their vans. You are advised not to change the oil as this box is sealed for life. Ask any mechanic's opinion and most will say all boxes will need their oil changed at some point. If your vehicle does any towing this point will be sooner. The snag is that to change the oil you have to take it to a dealer because they use a special measuring tool to check the levels. What should be a cheap oil change turns into a costly job which could put most people off.

 Do your research on the internet and you will find many forums discussing the problems I have highlighted.

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