Jeep travel system (baby buggy

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We brought a jeep travel system for our new baby as we wanted safety and for it to be rugged. we figured it being made by Hauck and licenced by JEEP we were doing the right thing

However we were very wrong, the one we have recieved (3 Wheeler version) is extremely dangerous and tips over in a forward motion when you hit the slightest of bumps or pebbles and stones.

Considering this is suposed to be Off road use i must say its not even safe on the high street pavement.

We have only covered maybe 8-10 miles (very little use) but the whole thing creeks now, suspension has gone soft making even more unstable, front wheel bearing is about to give up, plus material is already fraying

Please be very careful if you are buying one of these as its of very poor qaulity, very unstable and outright dangerous IS IT WORTH THE RISK OF YOUR BABIES HEALTH AND SAFETY??? .

How it passed any testing is beyond use, we are at present looking at taking the issue to court as Hauck have been most unhelpful and rude when we wrote to them, they told us i na unsigned mis spelt letter that maybe we are not controlling it correctly and that we must use both hands when pushing it.



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