Jimmy Choo Ladies Shoes Be Careful what you buy !!!!!!!

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Take a look at the shoes in the pictures below. Anyone spot anything wrong with them ? Look great dont they ?

A stunning pair of Jimmy Choo Patent Leather Ladies Shoes, right, Just the thing for that special lady in your life.


The Camera never lies or so they say,  well perepare to be shocked. I was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the actual shoes in the photos above


Ok so what do we have here. We have a pair of shoes that have been spray painted to make them look like patent leather.

Check out the heels of the shoes for different coloured heel tips, one Brown and one Black, where the paint has run, also have a close look at the left heel, you will clearly see it is shinier than the right heel due to the paint.

You can clearly see where the shoes have been painted to hide the original colour. The original style of these shoes is called "Remi" and these would have been made from Silk with a slingback heel, this has been replaced with leather ties. One has to beg the question WHY

For comparison I have included pictures of an Original pair of  "Remi" shoes below, which clearly show the style and origins of what the  shoes above would have looked like before they were changed.

The pictures below were provided by Ebay Member naturalgasgirl an Ebay Powerseller from The United States, check out her auctions for designer shoes


With pairs of these shoes changing hands at over £100-£200 a pair, ask youself if you would be happy paying this much for the shoes in the second lot of pictures above, probably not is the answer.

Be careful what you buy especially when buying desginer shoes.

Happy Ebaying



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