Jinlun 125-11 cruiser+A10motorcycles.co.uk in Broxburn

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First of all don't think i am slateing Jinluns because that couldn't be further from the truth as i think these are fantastic bikes but who i am slateing is A10 motorcycles in Broxburn, West lothian and all the other dodgy dealers on ebay who sell them with only one thing in mind, making a quick buck.After 6 weeks i eventually got my bike on the road (no thanks to the dealer who was supposed to have done this as part of the contract of sale
) only to take the bike out for the first time and have the brake calliper come off the front brake assembley almost causing me to crash into the rear of a bus.My journey was only 14 miles and this was first time out after they supposedly carried out a PDI check.Bad customer service is one thing but handing over a vehicle and saying it had been safety checked when it obviously hadn't is just criminal.Needless to say when i eventually got a hold of them again all i got in reply was"at this moment in time A10 motorcyles cannot comment on this until legal advice has been sought".Not really what you want to hear after you have almost been killed is it?Free advice, double check EVERYTHING coz it's you arse on the tarmac at the end of the day if something goes wrong.
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