Jo Malone FAKE Candles

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It was bound to happen but unfortunatly as they command such a high price expect to see fake Jo Malone candles on ebay

If its not on the Jo Malone website I would suggest you DO NOT risk purchasing it. Up to recently ALL JM candles have only been produced in round glass containers due to the nature of the candles ( they are quite soft as they have a scented oil base this is why the scent is so strong when you burn them ) they have now recently been produced as square candles however they are only available in the US and are refils for the pillar candle set. They are ONLY produced in Grapefruit & Lime Basil & Mandarin 

If the scent is not one listed in the JM website its very likely a copy ( although some of the colognes have been discontinued for eg fleurs de la floret ) and if it does not look like a candle on her web site either please do not be fooled or tempted by the slightly lower bargain price.

It really is a false economy

Please dont purchase if you are at all unsure...................

DEC 2007 a particular favorite for the fakes seems to be Ginger Flower & Tuberose not sure why these two keep appearing however there are some very obvious fakes on ebay at the moment

the only offical web sites are &



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