John Ditchfild Glasform What Am I Buying? FAKE or REAL

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John Ditchfield Glasform,

Over the years i have become a keen collector of John's art searching high and low to find the best price and best products.In the past ive brought from carboot sales,collectors fairs,ebay etc.

"But over the years i've also brought "fakes,copies" of the real thing.When i first started i was just looking for the Glasform sticker on the bottom of the item.I knew most were sighned by John himself but also found that the low priced smaller items just had a Glasform sticker or did they?

Some of the items i've gained are copies and they have the Galssform sticker some have the Glassform sticker without a nmber.I've also brought some that are genuine but were double the price of what i could buy them from "Glasform" the birth place of the items.

What to look out for depends on the on the item.

"The John Ditchfield Unique Collection"....Every item in this range are "one off" creations and personly made buy John himself,They are all catalogued,All pieces are signed J Ditchfield and Gasform they have a unique number and come with a certificate of authenticity.

"The Studio Collection"......Apples,pears,mushrooms,animals etc,the items in this range are mainly un-signed but some are but only signed Gasform and come with the Glasform sticker.

"Fruits Of The Sea"....The fruits of the sea are various shells and urchins made for the visitors of the Glasform Studio they come in many colours and styles they are un-signed but initialled GF.

"Gallery Collection"......My favorite,these are all pieces that John has designed himself they are all signed J Ditchfield but smaller items are signed JD,the silver is hallmarked and again come with the Glasform sticker.

Dont get me wrong you can find Geniune items for a very good price but when buying always check these thing or ask the seller infomation on the item.

My advice would be to check or compare on the "Gasform Website" chances are that the item will be cheaper on there anyway as i've watched Ditchfield sell on ebay for double the retail price,Also you know you just purchased the real thing!Also the money go's back into Glasform and the people that work there ie; John Ditchfield not some 2-bit dealer/seller who just buys and sells to make a profit.

Go and have a look!


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