Johnson Controls car battery makers win top award

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Johnson Controls are no doubt one of the World’s leading battery Manufacturers and have always been at the forefront of new battery innovations and inventing new battery applications. Their most recent projects are batteries for stop and start vehicles that stop and start the vehicles engine at say traffic lights or a road junction and the engine switches off automatically, when the car needs to move forward then the car will start when the accelerator is pressed.

This technology is now used on a few makes of car including the latest Volv models and the latest BMW models. According to Johnson controls this innovation will save the motorists about 8% in fuel costs, time this by the number of cars on the roads that use this and you have a massive total savings on the countries fuel bills.

The batteries used by Volvo for this purpose are made from an AGM technology similar to the batteries made for mobility scooters and golf cart products. The batteries are fully sealed and are able to take much more discharge than the normal lead acid car battery, used on regular cars. One slight drawback is that the normal garage will not be able to fit a replacement battery, because special equipment is needed to reset the computer, we have to have special training when changing our stop/start Varta batteries.

The reward for their inventiveness has come in the form of an award from Volvo. The award is for the “environmental and social responsibility” and has been warmly approved by Johnson controls

We are proud to have contacts with Johnson Controls through a battery distribution company who wholesale the battery products of Varta batteries and also Lucas batteries, we also supply Numax batteries on our online battery shop.

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