Joys Steam press

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I want to advise everyone that they should not shop with this company, they have Limited but are not a limited Company having looked on the Companys House site.

I bought a steam press Feb 08 the legs was damaged I posted back recoreded as advised by Paula, having rang speaking to her over the next 3 months being told that they are waiting for a new delivery!!!!

Today Jane tells me that Paula has gone and they have no details with reference my purchase and the returned item.Ive been told that Sue is the Manager and Joy the director??? She Joy is out of the country. I am now waiting for a call back and if nothing happens then I am off to the Trading standards and will be looking at having them on the sale of goods act 1979.

I also have family that live not far away from the address on the invoice and I may look at getting the police to go with them to get my money back but I am also looking at getting intouch with the media (TV) to get this firm shown to everybody eles and hope to get it shutdown unless they shape up!!


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