Joys of hair removal

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There are so many different products on the market these days that it can be very difficult to make a decision on what to buy. This where I think the internet is fantastic as it allows all buyers to research products get tips and reviews from others before parting with our hard earned money. I have tried so many different types of hair removal kits as being dark haired  has its disadvantages and one of the best I have tried is the laser hair removal home kits. I have had this treatment in salons and my goodness have paid the price so was a little sceptical about purchasing a machine to do at home as although they are expensive I wasn't sure that they would have the same power as the salon ones. But I was completely wrong. Doing this treatment as long as you follow the guidance booklet is so much better. You can target your own problem areas which you know where they as when you at the salon its sometimes difficult to explain this to them.

The different machines are sometimes suitable for different areas some cannot be used on the face so make sure that you fully read the write up as to where you can actually perform the treatments. The ones that target both body and face usually have 2 different applicators a small one to use on the face or smaller areas and then a larger applicator for the body areas. The larger the applicator the better as when you have a leg to do they can be quite time consuming. Some machines you have to purchase activation gel but these can be bought at chemists and are a reasonable price. Others you don't need anything like that you just turn it on and off you go.  
I have read some reviews which say that the actual procedure can be quite painful, I actually disagree with this I have tried several machines and have found the procedure much less painful than waxing. The area treated may appear a little red but this soon goes down on its own accord. I have previously had electrolysis now this was a lot less expensive but that was not only painful but left my face in a terrible mess very embarrassing walking out of a salon with big red blobs everywhere.
I have found that after several weeks of using this hair removal treatment that is has really worked miracles.
I would definitely recommend these machines.
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