Joys sewing machine AVOID

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I have written an earlier guide. Sent machine back and it was returned as 'no fault'. I gave up trying to get a refund as the staff were very difficult to get hold of and when I did they refused my refund. I could not, despite sewing for over 30 years on several different machines get this one to work. ~By  'work' I mean sew in a straight line without skipping stitches and jamming.

My local sewing shop refused to even take the machine into their shop to look at it and advised me over the phone that if it is not working now it will never work - send it back .

Eventually I gave up and took the machine to the local tip and put it in the recycle bin. I could not in good faith sell the item on as working as it does not work. £250 down the drain.

I now have another sewing machine and a serger - both operate ok and any problems that occur are fixed with adjustments to tension, needle etc.

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