Joy's sewing machines

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I purchased a joy's sewing machine in 2007 on E-bay. as i was a fashion technology student and the machine seemed well priced.

The machine came on time and was as described. i started using the machine for my uni work straight away and noticed that the machine was a little temperamental. It would brake needles, skip stitched and  the bobbin tread would make a nest for no reason. i was a little disappointed but i didn't make much of a fuss and just put it a side after I graduated.

Resently a friend of mine asked me to fix some clothes for them as i was doing so the machine switch off. i found out the motherboard was broken and would need to be fixed. Joys was not trading any more so i spoke to Ace they were very helpful first they checked if my machine was still under guarantee (it was not) so they sent some one to pick up my machine, checked it then told me how much it would cost for a new motherboard.

my machine was repaired and serviced for £109 and was told that the work done on the machine had a 5 year guarantee   

since i got my machine back i paid more attention on how i used it and realised that the problems i had with it before where of my own making. i was not following the user instructions perfectly. now my machine works fine i love it, it gets everything done.

a lot of people have complained on google about the company and the machines i believe that when people do wrong it should be said but even more so when they do right. 

i have a pf6500 thank you Joy's very happy customer since 2007
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