Juicy Couture Photos of FAKE Bags Sold on eBay UK!

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FAKE Designer Juicy Couture Handbags Photos Revealed!

By: Spoil Myself Today

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At Spoil Myself Today we are highly aware of the number of sellers on eBay who sell fake Juicy Couture Handbags and Accessories. We just wanted to point out a few photos that these sellers are commonly using to promote their FAKE Juicy Couture Handbags. If you see these photos ask the sellers why are you using photos from King Tide Bag Factory, or Tech Traders? This gets the seller every time, and they usually respond with a very aggressive tone defending their product. However with experience and after speaking direct with the trademark I can confirm that there are NO WHOLESALERS of JUICY COUTURE only RETAILS, all others are simply fakes. You have to be in business (not eBay) ideally a boutique, or proper shop to sell designer handbags, and you have to be approved to sell them from the trademark. You can't wake up one day and say I am going to sell Juicy Couture, it just does not work that way.

Here are some photos that I have taken off of King Tide Bag Factory's site, they sell AAA FAKES!  Don't buy from sellers who use these photos, it's a red flag!

All of these photos have been taken from the following sites and I must stress not taken from ANY SELLERS on eBay although eBay sellers use these photos they are not taken from any auctions:

King Tide Bag Factory


This Juicy Couture Daydreamer hand bag costs the seller only $55.00 USD and is selling on eBay UK for well over £60 plus! I have seen some of these bags go for over £100.00!!

This is  Juicy Couture Scottie Dog Daydreamer Handbag which the seller can buy from this company for only $52.00 USD, and they are selling on eBay for well into the £60-70 range!

This is the same style that is pictured above and can be purchased by the seller for $52.00 USD. This version of the Daydreamer is the most common daydreamer found on eBay UK and sells at auction for over £70.00!

This is Juicy Couture Daydreamer Handbag costs the seller $55.00 USD  and is selling on eBay for well over £70.00! I have seen some of these go for £100!

Juicy Couture Baby Fluff Handbag this photo is used by many sellers on eBay UK and sells in excess of £75! The seller pays only $55.00 USD for this bag!

Juicy Couture Pet Carrier sells at buy nows for over £100.00 with shipping and some sellers auction these bags at over £75.00 and up! This bag costs the seller only $78.00 USD!

Fake Juicy Couture Baby Fluff Handbag the seller only paid $68.00 USD for this bag and is selling it on eBay for well over £75.00!

Juicy Couture Summer Sun Daydreamer Handbag. The seller paid only $52.00 USD for this bag and is raking in over £75.00 for it on eBay!

Commonly used photo of wrapping to make you think that the bag you are using is AUTHENTIC when in fact is a bad fake!

Recent FAKE Juicy Bag that I we have seen being sold on eBay in the last few months.

Attention all sellers who sell these handbags pictured above, if you have any doubt in what I am stating in this guide I strongly suggest you contact the trademark owner who will tell you this about the company Tech Traders, I have not contacted them about the King Tide Bag Factory as of yet, E-Mail from trademark~Please let me assure you that Tech Traders IS NOT an authorized Juicy supplier. There are no authorized "suppliers", only authorized "retailers". A listing of retailers, both brick and mortar and online, can be found at www.juicycouture.com. Thank You, Trademark Protection. Liz Claiborne.

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