Juicy Girls, beware of counterfeit Juicy tracksuits

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Beware Fake Juicy Tracksuits

(sorry, I have no images for evidence, I haven't set up my digital camera yet)

I brought my first Juicy Couture tracksuit from Harvey Nicholls in Knightsbridge, for £170. I loved it and wanted another, after spending all my wages in London for that month, I couldn't wait til next payday, and purchased one on eBay.

I was convinced it was genuine, but was clearly fake when it was delivered.

How to tell the difference?

1. The Label

2. Juicy Tags

3. Store tags

4. Material

5. 'J' zipper

6. Colour

7. Seller/Location


1. The Label- Juicy Couture tracksuits are sold as separates in the official stores. And therefore each item should have a label. The label in the hooded top is inside the neckline in the centre, and for the trousers, it was located inside the waistband also in the centre. On my genuine tracksuit (the Harvey Nicks) the label was sewn at the sides, with no stitching at the top or bottom of the label. The Fake one, was only stitched at the top. Genuine Juicy label vary in colour according to size.

Size Extra Small/Petite (P) is pink

Size Small (S) is orange

Size Medium (M) is a beige, tan colour

Size Large (L) is a pale green

Size Extra large (XL) is baby blue

Fake Juicy Tracksuits usually have the same colour label for each size. In my fake one, the label is a goldly colour, similar to the medium size label, (when in fact it should have been pink because it was extra small size) Mine didn't have the size symbol (Letter with a circle around) on the tag. Labels are sometimes cut in half showing it is a sale item, and therefore cannot be refunded or exchanged at the original value, although this is not always the case. A Sale Juicy hoody I purchased from Selfridges, the label was not cut in half.

Tracksuits should also have a silky label on the side on the tracksuit inside, and one near the thigh on the pants on the inside. All genuine Juicy items should have a 'CA#' written on it followed by a 5 digit number and below that should appear 'RN#' followed by another 5 digit number. This has appeared in all  genuine Juicy items I own. Most importantly at the bottom on the label, there should be a STYLE number at a CUT number, Fake Juicy items rarely have these. It should also have the size stated in text normal rather than a letter form. My Genuine Juicy states 'Extra Small' wheras my fake Juicy says 'XS'

2; Juicy Tags- All Juicy Couture items should come with a Juicy Tag. Please be reminded that the appearance of a Juicy tag in a picture, should not influence your decision to purchase it because this can be printed very easily. The only differences between the tags on a real and fake Juicy, is that the real tag has a more curvy and rounded shape at the bottom and the 'Juicy Couture' text in the scrolls is in a bolder print. Always ask the seller if you can have a picture close up of the tag.

3. Store Tags: Around 98% of fake Juicy items do not come with store tags, but not all real tracksuits have them. My authentic tracksuit from Harvey Nicholls came with a rectangular gold tan with the Juicy price tag at the bottom removed so that Harvey Nicholls can state their own price. On the bag of this tag was a barcode with the Size at the bottom. From my knowledge, all genuine Juicy should come with this. If the seller states it has come from a store like Cricket, Harvey Nicks or Selfridges etc, It should have that particular store tag with their price, barcode, size and colour. If the seller claims to include a receipt, ask to see a close picture of it. Be wary that receipts can easily be printed and purchased. Somebody has offered to sell me a receipt for a Juicy item but they just think that we're all as dishonest they as they are.

4. Material: I am not an expert on textiles. But I have never come across an authentic Juicy tracksuit made from any material other than fleece or velour. The seller of the fake tracksuit had said the fabric was velour and consisted of 80% cotton and 20% polyester which was exactly the same as my Harvey Nicks one. But to my horror when I received it, the tracksuit was in a flannel like material, which Juicy rarely use, as velour is their main signiture fabric.

5. 'J' Zipper: This is really hard to tell the difference. But fake Juicy tends to have a slightly larger head and hoop of the zip. The metal was for the zip and the 'J' is shiner. Real and newer Juicy has the letters 'YKK' on the back on the puller on the zip, and the same letters at the bottom of the hoodie on the zip. This is not the case on all fake Juicy, but most of the time, the J is attached to the zip via another hook. Genuine Juicy 'J's are attached to the zip with only one metal connector. Please be aware that manufacturers of fake Juicy have no cottoned on to this. On my fake Juicy, the zip kept getting stuck and kept breaking. Not the quality you'd expect in genuine Juicy.

6. Colour: Genuine Juicy Couture has a name for every colour. Fake Items normally simply state a normal colour such as 'Pale Blue' or 'Baby Pink' whereas on Genuine Juicy, they have names such as 'Poolside', 'Socialite', 'Kate', 'Kings Pond', 'Susipicion'

7. Seller: Always check the reputation of the seller. Even if it is above 95%. Always read negative feedback and contact that eBayer who has dealt with the seller. If you are not convinced, contact the seller, ask questions and ask for detailed photos. Always try and pay through Paypal and Major Credit Cards as it is easier to trace payments, for a refund extra. eBay has a strict policy for the counterfeit of goods, and do not hesistate to contact them. Location is sometimes a key issue. Do not buy Juicy Couture from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong or China. 99% is fake. Although some Juicy Couture is manufactured and imported from China into USA. Please don't make the mistake of buying from there. Some sellers do import fake Juicy from there, and try and sell it as genuine. For example a Juicy Couture Day Dreamer Tote bag (which are gorgeous, and I luckily own one) are purchased from Hong Kong for around £15 to £20 and are then sold to us Juicy eBayers for around £70 to £80!

From my experience, There are some geunine tracksuits on eBay, very few through. But from my opinion, through my bad tracksuit, It gives me better satisfaction from saving up, and buying a real one through Juicy official stores. Rarely, the Juicy departments have sales, and its a case of coming to a lot to check. I did buy a Juicy hoody (in the pretty socialite pink) from Selfridges for £25 which was reduced from £92! So sometimes, You can get a Juicy bargain rather than improving the profit and bank balances.

I hope this has been helpful. And I will put evidence and pictures etc, when my digital camera is up and running.

Have a Juicy Day

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