Jumperoo the ONLY toy in town

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MAGIC for kids

I had a 6 month old and could not remember what life was like pre children until...JUMPEROO! This god send allowed me to shower, do washing, tidy, clean, even relax without guilt. 
There is so much to do that my little girl would be happy in here for an hour (more if I let her). So many things to play with and see. No guilt mum time. 
For the busy mums that love to watch them develop but needs to get things done too. I knew when I put my 6 month old in this that she was safe. Much more secure than door bouncers and hold there value for second hand selling. 
My oldest used it from 6 months, I then had another daughter 17 months younger who was in it at a few months and I had to sell it or they would have still been using it at 3 years old given the chance. 
My eldest would climb in and out on her own once old enough but by then nothing was going to let me shower in peace and quiet. She also enjoyed helping my youngest to play and turn her round.
The fact they could play until bored them turn a little and it was like a new toy - teaching all different skills like how to spin toys, grasping, reaching and then...BOUNCING! 
I have so many videos of them both from first times very timid and nervous right through to going crazy bouncy and giggling. 
EASILY THE BEST TOY WE BOUGHT. Recommended to all my new mum friends too
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