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The latest fake is a loose and pressed powder combo going under the heading

CHANEL loose powder/pressed powder duo

The content of the advert... and the red flags!

CHANEL    ------ You think?

genuine boxed duo here ladies  ------ REALLY?

top part is pressed powder and underneath is a more sheeny lightly sparkled loose powder ------ Chanel do not make this product

I don't know the shade however, as this was a Chanel import.  ----- How lax of Chanel not to put a SKU or shade name on this product.

The English description on the box has been translated from Chinese rather bad translation too!  ----- You'd think Chanel being perfectionists would get this right wouldn't you?  You'd think that the seller might be bright enough to see a clue here, don't you?

But it is a great bargain, a neutral shade which should suit most skins  ------- if you want to smother your skin in unknown chemicals from some sweatshop

top pressed compact is matt finish  -------- which is probably what you'd need after a skin graft

very cute compact ---------  is that a saving grace?

Top compact has been very lightly tested for shade- not using the original puff which is still new and unused ----------  and fake

RRP for Chanel powder is something like £30   -------  oh come on do your research

The sad thing is that this seller knows it is fake and they are willing for you to be a guinea pig for an untested item - for you to want a bargain just because it has Chanel printed on it - this seller has absolutely no conscience but wants to make a quick buck at your expense - we aren't just talking finance we are talking your skin on your face - your most visible and valuable asset.

Do you really want to risk it for £12.99?


Do you need an item verified before buying or do you think you have bought a fake? You are welcome to contact me as I have contacts in most of the fine Cosmetic and Perfume Houses, as well Chanel and Hermes boutiques. We don't like fakes because it distroys legitimate businesses and our brands plus fakes damage reputation and health.


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