Just Musical Tenor Recorder

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I wanted to experience the fullness and diversity of Ensemble Recorder playing, without having to take out a 'mortgage' on an instrument. The Just Musical Tenor Recorder came to my attention during an e-bay search - A brand new Tenor - £9.95!!! A ten-pound note seemed too low, my expectations were far from high. I was to be surprised two days later! This Recorder is an excellent introduction to playing Tenor, very smooth tone, accurate pitch and accompanied with all the charts, grease, rod etc. The only area I believed it may be lacking in, is the length of the central tone-hole section. If, like me you have large hands, it's fine - it took me a while to get used to it though - if you have small hands, I believe you'll struggle. If you are curious about playing Tenor, your £10 will be well spent, small price to pay to find out if Tenor is for you. I play mine almost daily, and have yet to meet the person who doesn't like it's sound. As an Introduction to the Tenor Recorder - 9/10. As a friend for years of personal music-making - 10/10. As a gift for a child under 10 - think again!
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