Just cos it's gucci.

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I just thought that i'd write to let people know about the stupidity that has been displayed on here.

I'm a jeweller by trade and gucci's are a brand that i sell, i've been on extensive training and to be fair unless you have your hands on the watch it's very hard to tell, however on this site you have gucci's selling at 500+ for a model you can buy new for as little as £249. All gucci's carry a very faint model and serial number that can be cheaked and verified. Honestly ebay can offer up great bargins but it's best to look around first, i sell 12 top brand watches and all are sold on here at prices not even the makers would ask. Just because it has a name does't make it worth it.

Also please know that Tag Heuer, Rolex and Brietling will DESTROY any fake watches that are sent to them if the watch has not come from a registered Rolex dealer they will not work on it, and most high street and decent jewellers will not work on fakes and can and will refuse to work on fakes. This can render your watch useless if you can't get anyone to even change a battery! Nearly all these 3 brands plus a number of others require re-seal's on batterys and that's not something any local jeweller can just do for you so be warned the up-keep on owning a prestiege watch can be vast so even if you get a real one beware if it does not have a service history or is over 3 years old!

Note: there are some very old model's on here as well one which had bidding at £456 the watch at it's current market value can be bought at £295.

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