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This is a personal review of the company JustDeals, who specialise in selling various electrical goods at very competitive prices.

But thats about where the positive points end.

I bought a pair of Logitech Wireless Headphones for Ipod 4G about a month ago (21/06/06). I had been after these particular headphones for a while and could hardly wait to receive them.  They arrived around a week later in a small tidy box and plastic wrapping etc.

First thing that annoyed me: I paid £7.25 postage for a package that could be sent first class for around £1.50 and would arrive in 1 or maybe 2 working days.

Second thing: Although stated in the description in very small writing, these headphones were not white as the pictures showed, but grey. Not really worthy of an Ipod accessory if it's not white!

After working out how to use the headphones, I used them for around an hour or so, then they went dead. No sound whatsoever.

So I emailed justdeals for a replacement, and after a few days they replied with details of how to go about getting one. I followed the instructions and posted the box off the next day (for £1.50!).

After a few more weeks of processing and slow replies to my emails, I received my replacement. Eventually. (25/07/06)

Great! I thought, as I nearly tore the box to shreds to get to my headphones.

I unwrapped them and went to charge them right away. Then the earpiece flopped away from me. The headband was snapped! Along with the wiring that passed through which broke the circuit.

I have now requested a refund because this just doesn't deserve 3 strikes. Hopefully all will go well when they reply, with any luck within the week (it's Tuesday now).

98.6% Positive Feedback, not bad I hear you say. But that 1.4% of unhappy customers equates to nearly 1000 unhappy customers and counting. Although I may be a tiny percentage on their feedback score, please try and avoid all this hassle if you want to receive quality goods.

It just goes to show that with a big company, comes big profits, unnecessarily long processing times, and frankly, a general lack of caring for the consumer.

I hope you can find an alternate seller!

Thanks for reading,

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