K&N |(K & N)Typhoon Induction Kit Peugeot 206 GTi

Like if this guide is helpful
I have recently got myself a K&N Typhoon filter kit, for my 206 GTi.
These kits comprise of:
1 x K&N Filter
2 x Pieces of pipework
1 x Mounting Kit
1 x Dry Charger
2 x Rubber sleeves
All connector rings required for fitting + All instructions, 2 x K&N decals.

I decided on getting one of these filters, as Id had Piper-X before, and had also used 57i from K&N before too, but I really fancied something more expensive this time, and decided to go for one of these! I am quite impressed with it. The sound from it is ok, hardly noticable when driving normally, but distinctive when under hard acceleration! It seems to become more noticable when your foot is being planted, around mid-revs.
It says on the box that it will increase power around 10%, Ive not rolling roaded my car so I couldnt say what the power increase is, if any, but there is a noticable change in the way my car feels with this fitted.
Low revs the throttle does seem a little more responsive, but it seems that once the car is moving along nicely the change is more noticable. My car does feel like it accelerates a little quicker, not so much from physically feeling the increase, but it seems the rev counter gets round a tad quicker than it did before I put this on (however this may be just me!)
Obviously, the filters purpose is to deliver more cold air into the engine, hence increasing the performance, and I think it does that pretty well. The filter seems to be in the right place to get the cold air, being sat in close proximity to where the cars original cold air feed was. It benefits from taking in cold air from through the front bumper grills, which is much better than a lower spec kit, which sits in the engine bay and sucks in hot air from your radiator (which is pointless since that would reduce the cars performance!!!)

The kit looks nice enough, sounds nice (more so when you have windows down and can actually hear it sucking the air in) and i feel like my car benefits from having this fitted, however without dyno testing it, I cant say for sure its increased performance. Im sure power has increased at higher revs, just because there is plenty of cold air coming in when the car is moving!!! The kit does sound nice when the windows are shut too, but obviously its further away from you with it being in the front bumper on a 206, so you dont hear it as much as you might with other kits.

Fitting was fairly straight forward. On my car (206 GTi) it was necesary to remove the inner wheel arch on the passenger side. This is due to the filter being housed inside the front bumper/front wing area of the car. The car was jacked up, and we decided to remove the wheel, although this wasnt really necessary, we did it to have extra room to work.

The original filter box was lifted out, and its mountings unbolted from the car. The original cold air feed was also removed.

The filters pipework is in 2 pieces, one 1st piece attaches direct to your old air intake, and goes towards the passenger side before turning 90 degrees and facing straight down. The second pipe connects using a rubber sleeve and a couple of rings and goes right down to the bottom of the engine bay, before turning 90 degrees again and travelling into the space between the front passenger wheel and the front passenger foglight. The bracket fastens into place on a hole that already exists in a 206, this is located in the bottom part of the engine bay, but is accesed through where the wheel arch has been removed. The bracket holds onto the 2nd pipe, and secures the installation, and the Air filter itself mounts on the end of the pipework in the space between the wheel and foglight.

I would reccomend this kit if someone was looking for something a bit better than just a filter. it ticks som of the boxes required:
Improves sound, giving a more sporty tone
Gives a more sporty feel when driven hard
Looks nice
Easy to install

I cant say "it does increase performance" as I cant prove that, although my initial thought would be it does, slightly!
Other things to consider would be a GenII filter from K&N, a Piper-X Viper, or maybe a GSR induction kit, which are rolling road proven to increase the performance. I would have got that kit myself, but I only heard of them after I had bought this.

My only concern, or negative remark on this kit would be that, with it being positioned in the lower part of the wheel arch lining, it may be at risk of taking in water should you submerge your car too deep!!! As in, going through a deep ford/stream, or maybe even really deep puddles! Im not saying you will take in water, but it might be possible due to where it sits. I do know of one person who went out in floods in his car and ended up sucking in water, but this was in extreme weather conditions and is not your every day event!!! The filter seems well protected enough,...... it has the wheel arch liners below and to the sides of it, and the dry charger with it is handy, as this can repel water/mud from saturating the filter. It also keeps dirt and debris out if it is smaller than ".005". It is also proven not to reduce the airflow to the filter.
This was not enough to put me off having one. I installed mine and I am happy with it. But I would have looked at the GSR kits closely had I known of them before hand!
Please dont be put off by the warnings about water, after all any kit could take it in if its positioned low down in the car. Unless you drive your car through seriously deep water often, then this will not be a problem for you!
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