KAM guitar bug 1900GB

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Poor quality control lets these down.

These are small battery powered radio transmitters and receivers for musical instruments, such as guitars etc.  According to the instructions, they can be set by dip switches to one of 16 frequencies, so you can use up to 8 instruments with them (it's not recommended to use adjacent frequencies).
Unfortunately, quality control seems to be non-existent at KAM and while if you are only using one you should have no problems unless you want to change the pre-set frequency if you want to use more you need to be careful and be prepared for endless disappointment.
I play three instrument in the band and have now been through five of these to try to find three that work properly and have now given up.  Three have gone back to KAM as two transmitters wouldn't accept a change of frequency and two receivers were also defective in that they appeared to pick up all the transmitters, whatever frequency they were supposed to be set to.  This means that the sound at the amp end gets distorted and the units are unusable.  I have at last got two that work properly and won't be trying for a third any more.
I have contacted KAM several times for their comments via their website and have had no reponse whatsoever - it appears their customer relations are as bad as their quality control.
I must stress that I bought these units via an Ebay seller and have had no problems with them repaying my money and accepting the returns of the items.  They've been excellent - it's KAM that's the problem.
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