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I always buy my Karen Millen ( and Coast) clothing in the shops in the UK. However a lot of the reviewers are making ridiculous sweeping statements about Karen Millen not being made in China so I had my interest sparked.

Here's just a few facts from someone that doesn't sell any Karen Millen (or Coast) items on the internet so has nothing to loose or gain :

  •  As I was reading these "helpful" reviews I thought I'd check every item of Karen Millen (and Coast) I own to see where they were made. Surprise surprise - ALL MADE IN CHINA! So some of you that are saying that KM or Coast aren't made there at all are talking crap.

Use your brain and check your own genuine shop-bought items from here in the UK and see where they were made!!!!!!

Granted I am NOT saying KM do not make any items in other countries other than China, but due to cheap labor/material/manufacturing costs in China EVEN KM and  Coast can't refuse a bargain!
(And boy do they then get a huge profit from mugs like me who pay probably 90% more than they cost to make when I go into their UK branches......Hey don't hate the player - hate the game I always say (hence I keep paying the "player" KM well over market value in store....).

  • Some of the reviewers said that KM doesn't have any shops in China or outlets so how can these items be genuine.............
OH MY GOD - I seriously have not laughed that much in ages!!!!

Yes I'm quite sure they do not have KM shops in these countries or even little designer outlet villages......but when they are making any goods in factories in China are you SERIOUSLY going to tell me that none of the workers or factory owners EVER can get there hands on some of these and use their brain to make a quick profit or produce more, surplus to requirement???????!!!!!!!

Hey I'm not saying they are right to do this or condoning this, but c'est la vie.....

It MAY even be that they have some VERY minor faults - which for KM to sell here would be ludicrous with what they charge us - so they are then discarded. Anyone that has knowledge of retail would know that when you are manufacturing en-masse you may discard any number (even up to 100's) of the same item if ANY minor fault as they are being made for such a tiny fraction of the cost they will be sold for and near perfection is required. If people working there DIDN'T try to sell any of these discarded ones I'd be seriously worried about there brain capacity!

We are not talking about Chanel items here where it would be noticed if dresses "went missing" or often were discarded for very minor faults - these dresses are produced en-masse often with factory owners wanting to make a bit extra profit themselves. You can hardly blame them.

  • Some reviewers said that the extreme low cost KM items are being sold for from China makes it obvious it's a fake.
Well yes £50 or more is extremely low for us KM buyers in the west, especially when last few things I've bought from KM have cost over £180 each - but as these dresses are being made for a tiny fraction of that cost in a country where the factory workers are getting less than 20% of UK minimum wage, I think you'll find £50 is a huge amount of money for this item.

  • Some reviewers have claimed that items they themselves have purchased from these sellers are fake as quality and look completely inferior.
I am SURE that they are telling the truth, I have often heard and seen in documentaries that designs may be taken (or sold by crooked workers) from genuine manufacturers and used by the factory down the road that uses maybe inferior material/techniques.
 But that doesn't mean every item from Chinese sellers or that costs £100 less than what THEY may charge for it means it is fake.


Look people, we have no idea how these factories operate out there - but I sure as hell know how they operate here and not everything is squeaky clean and above board as we would like to think. Until factories are monitored with security tighter than at an airport in the US we cannot rule out all items as fakes.

Karen Millen has never and will never make an effort to stop these sellers or even make statements that these items can in no way be genuine as they know that they cannot guarantee that so what does that tell you???!!!!!!!!
More importantly it makes no difference to their sales anyway as, like myself, many others enjoy the in-shop experience of purchasing from them.

Please realise that I am not in any way guaranteeing that items you buy from China are always the real deal - I like KM themselves cannot do that. But I also cannot with any certainty tell you they are fake.

If you fancy a bargain and the sellers reviews from customers are encouraging then go for it. And if it's fake or just not exactly as good as you expected then you paid £50 for it - not like many of my in-store sales time purchases for the same amount that I later regret and can't get a refund for either!!!! If you do on the other hand get your item and realise you've flaming-well got a bargain for a gorgeous KM dress - well lucky you and good on you for playing the player (KM in this instance) at his own game.

Happy shopping KM fans!

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